Chuck. Bente-something anyos. Simpleng ginoo. Masscom graduate. SINGLE. Mga kwento at kaisipan na resulta ng matagal na pagtambay sa convenience store hawak ang isang basong Chuckie.

NOTE: I write R18 stuff. Beware.


Punyeta. Nag-update lang ang Tumblr mobile ko naging public na pala ang pagsagot sa TA. Nahiya tuloy ako. Ang pangit ng bagong update.

2:58am | Midnight sale

Since college, I’ve been trying to battle my restless mind in exchange for a normal sleeping pattern. I don’t know, maybe this is how born-artists are. While the entire nation’s in a slumber, a midnight bazaar sets shop in my mind selling tons of ideas from dirt cheap to ridiculously expensive. I want to write. I want to talk. I want to draw. But obviously the kage bunshin technique only exists in Naruto’s world. Tonight, the computer wins. Hopefully tomorrow, it’s the sketchpad.

2:29am | The lensman

To be honest, I missed you.
I longed for another conversation.
You’re my crush, that’s true.
But not on my top list.
Just kidding.
I secretly browsed your Facebook.
You’ve been around my dash for some time.
Yet it’s only recently that I found out how cool you are.
Who you are as a person is cool.
What you do as a person is cool.
With your works you share your view of the world.
Much realistic, but something refreshing.
I wonder if you treat the camera as your extension.
A viewfinder that focuses on overlooked realities.
Or maybe it acts as a filter that shields the painful truths.
I hope to work with you someday.
Let’s make a film that will inspire generations to come.
Or a flick to make a statement that others won’t dare say.
How about that for our first meet?

11:26pm | Forgotten contact

*lifts up laptop*

*turns it on*

*opens browser*

*goes to Tumblr*

"Oh, there you are! How are you?" There goes one of my favourite online buddies. I don’t know what’s with him but I like talking to him. He ain’t that hunky or cute but he certainly packs a lot of appeal. At first, it was just the usual hi’s and hello’s. Not much to talk about. Suddenly, things started to get steamy. He knows I’m gay. He’s sending me hints to do something. I don’t know how to respond. Or at least I pretend to be innocent. I want that person. Though lustful thoughts butt in from time to time, I think we’re going too fast. Maybe we are.

"Is there any other way we could chat faster?"

"Hmmm. I don’t usually give my FB. How about Skype?"

"Alright. Add me up: __________ "

The Tumblr tab which I use heavily has been relegated to the sidelines. Ignore the red alerts on the dashboard icon. Skype’s open. Waiting for a response. There he was. Still cloaked in my mysterious nature, we resumed the chat. It seems that nothing could dampen our heated senses. Words that make our bodies wryth, sweat, and blood flow fast come out second-by-second. Our shy personalities gone, we rabidly exchange stories of fiery encounters. Until one of us can’t hold it anymore.

"Dude, I’m hard."

"Videocall? :)"

"Sure. I’ll switch to mobile."

Phone in hand, I headed to the privacy of my room. With only a small reading lamp to light me up, I finally saw his animated self. No time for small talk. We have to get down to our business. From the front camera, we pressed the switch button to the rear camera at almost the same time. Our underpants bore unmistakable mounds of hidden meat directly underneath the thin sheets of what’s left of our clothing.

"You go first."

No need to type replies. Just do it. Our eyes feasted on each other’s roll of private meat. Oggled. Drooled. Fancied. Our hands choked our iron rods. Going slow but soon taking it fast. I can no longer respond vocally to his rough talk. He only heard moans and catching of breath. Like a car engine revving up faster, we switched to higher gears. The monotony of unintelligible voices on our headsets was broken.

"I’m coming."

Again, no replies needed. We just kept on going faster as we neared the finish line. Who’ll cross the checkered mat first? And like any other photofinish races, he crossed the line first with a blast. Three javelin throws and four basketball dribbles. I soon followed with only dribbles. The party’s over. It’s time to clean up the confetti.

*his video goes black*

"Thanks for the time. Have to sleep now. Goodnight."

With that, he ended our brief but pheromone adrenaline-filled conversation. I felt like a woman who was left awake after her partner had quickly fallen asleep after sex. No more sweet talk. No cuddles. All I had to do was face the reality that I too must go to sleep.

In this age where cheesiness can manifest in different forms: couple shirts, couple pics (clothed or not), couple blogs, lengthy and expensive pre-nuptial photoshoots, flashmob marriage proposals, fit-for-YouTube romantic videos and all (which could land you an interview on Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho), government statistics show a steady-rise in annulment/divorce rates alongside the number of young single parents.

Don’t you ever wonder how we landed on such a superficial view of love?

7:02pm | How much?

How much do I have to give to be with a person who I wanted to have. Wanted in more ways than one. To have as a friend, a sibling, a lover, a companion. Do I have to compromise so much? Do I have to agree or disagree? Do I have to give my all? Do you need more than my heart and soul? Shall I strip down in full nudity just to see the beauty in me? After which you will prove if you can still be trusted.

Sa dami ng forgotten Skype contacts ko, nakalimutan ko na kung sino-sino sila. Hahaha. #AlamNaThis

A lifelong buddy for more than two decades now dropped by our house tonight (and is still here) to borrow some dart pins and have a drink. Twenty-two years ago, we were talking about playtime and bikes. Now, we’re talking about our sex lives and thinning hair.