Chuck. Bente-something anyos. Simpleng ginoo. Masscom graduate. SINGLE. Mga kwento at kaisipan na resulta ng matagal na pagtambay sa convenience store hawak ang isang basong Chuckie.

NOTE: I write R18 stuff. Beware.


Share ko lang. Nung bumili ako ng ulam ko kanina sa isang pancitan (inubusan kasi ako), yung nag-asikaso sa akin na waiter parang si Golf sa My Bromance! Hahaha! Oo, as in. Parang pumayat na version lang. Tapos hindi pa nakasara yung pinaka-ibabaw na butones niya kaya kita yung sando niya. Maka-order nga ulit dun bukas. Hihi.

11:51pm | Crowning Glory

I’ve never been this depressed on a physical matter. I looked repeatedly at the mirror while I was driving, while I was taking a bath, after I woke up. Sure, my hairline hasn’t receded but it’s thinning on the top. It’s something that I’ve been trying to deny for a year now. Maybe I should ditch the hairfall control shampoo that I had been using since it didn’t prevent my hair from thinning. While hair thinning hasn’t been unusual to me, with my advancing age I begin to worry. Hair thinning usually happens for at least one month every year and hair grows back again. But for a year now, my top remains thin while my sides have regained volume. At 25, this might be it. I have some friends who are the same age as mine and their hairline had begun to recede. I think it’s unfair. Because when dad’s hair began thinning out, he was already in his forties. I’m a still a few years shy of my thirties. Will I still be able to groom my hair by 30? Resort to a permanent buzz cut? Or go bald for good?

"Nasasayangan ako sa mataba mong puso. Sana may mapaglaanan ka na niyan."

From my soul twin.

May makakakuha rin nitong puso ko. Someday. At sa makakakuha nito, isa lang ang paki-usap ko…

"Pakisarapan naman yung luto kung gagawin mo mang bopis o sisig." ;)))

11:38pm | The convenience store boy

Part of my late night is to drop by the convenience store.
It’s a place where I can drown all my blues away.
With a chow and a chug, it gets my worries down the gut.
One night, I saw this young lad mopping the floor.
Clad in his red and beige uniform, his youthful looks can’t be hid.
Purchase in hand, I pretended to look over the shelves.
And there he was, arranging crates of products.
To my surprise, he caught me looking at him.
I quickly removed my stare, which I later thought was wrong.
He remained just another obscure, 10-second crush.
Until we met again tonight.
I had a good deal of purchase waiting to be scanned at the counter.
He was there, mopping the floor again.
There was only one lady manning the counter and I had to fall in line.
In a twink of an eye, he rushed over at the adjacent cash register.
He signaled me to line up at him.
One by one, he scanned the items.
I kept an eye on him.
At times, he looks at me straight in the eye.
Does he know that I have the hots for him?
Perhaps such men like me are no stranger to him.
Obviously, he’s still a student and being a service crew is his part-time.
I looked at his nameplate and there was his name: CHRIS
Where does he live?
Where does he study?
He lives at a residential area nearby, with his parents and four siblings.
His elder brother has stopped studying and went on to work as a tricycle driver.
The three younger siblings are in a public school.
Being a convenience store crew is the only for Chris to maintain his studies.
Even with a salary so meager, he manages to pay his studies and take home some of what is left.
His angelic, boy-next-door looks deceive anyone who encounters him at the counter.
The handsome face denies the reality of the harshness of his life struggles.
Six hours of tiring work, most of the time standing, and eight hours of school already takes a toll on his body.
But he never stops.
Life must go on.
He believes that the day will come and all of this shall come to an end, while waiting for the start of a new and better life.
With a long beeping sound, I was awoken back to reality.
There I was, still standing in front of the counter.
Chris retrieves my food purchase from the microwave oven and into a paper bag.
"Here you go, sir. Thank you. See us again."
As I step out of the store and open my car’s door, I gave Chris one last look.
A smile etched out on his face.
Definitely, I’ll see him again.

5:10pm | Vroooom

I just had a fairly long drive. Two hours in traffic, potholes, assholes, and rain. If I was able to navigate all that on semi-rural, narrow roads with a large car, perhaps I’m not that bad a driver at all.

4:20am | Caffeine, thrill rides, and orgasms

Tonight, it felt like love was a caffeine overdose. It peaked, it mellowed, but it sure made my heart restless. To think that I haven’t felt or have nearly forgotten the sensation of love… and someone was able to re-ignite it for me. But just like caffeine overdose, it’s fleeting. It won’t last. But I won’t feel bad. Or maybe it’s not akin to caffeine at all. It was a brief journey in a thrill ride. Perhaps like the wildriver-type of ride. You climb slowly, gently cruise at the peak, take a plunge, and end it with a splash. Or maybe like the different phases of sex. Or… whatever.

1:31am | Lifting the fog

For quite some time, my heart has been asleep
Forgets love after being hurt so deep
I bid romance adieu in a message-in-a-bottle
To whoever finds it please write me back even just a little

The bottle had been set adrift
Months turned to years without a lift
Did it somehow got lost in the way
My quest for love went astray

Everyone seem to had blank faces
Their hearts devoid of aces
Trying to swallow the bitter pill
Of the truth about love that may just kill

Then out of the blue and in the ashes of grey
I held a hand and it was coming your way
The fog lifted and there I saw your face
Maybe this is the end of my chase

But even before I saw how you look
Your sail guided me to you like a hook
Perhaps this isn’t the end at all
This is just the start of our love so tall

Ano ang mas nakakaiyak?

Mamatayan ng jowa o malamang may anak na pala sa iba ang jowa?

Yung huli. Buhay pa kasi ang kumag.

Note to self: Hindi ka si Mike Enriquez. Kaya please lang TANTANAN mo na yung crush mong straight. Wala kang mapapala. Para kang nagyaya magpakasal sa isang puno. Wala siyang paki. Wala siyang imik. In short, manigas ka.

1. Straight siya. Tuwid na daan. Hindi mababali.

2. Conservative siya, haliparot ka. Umayos-ayos ka.

3. Pogi siya, ni hindi ka man lang naging po-gay. Sabihin mo nang masakit akong magsalita bilang iyong konsensya pero pang-Suffer Sireyna ka.

4. Taken na siya, taken for granted ka. Tigilan mo na ang pagpapantasya. Magkakasala ka pa.

5. Wala kang pera.

O siya, tumigil ka na bago ko pa siya i-mention dito.